Dear parishioner


In light of the statement released yesterday by the Taoiseach, we are implementing further precautionary measures regarding Covid19, as we have been advised to reduce social interactions. Therefore, I have reluctantly decided it best to cancel church services for the next 2 Sundays (15th and 22nd March). Although government advice applies to gatherings of at least 100, which is rarely an issue for us, this is an arbitrary figure, and the virus spreads when people are in close proximity for 15 minutes or more. My main concern is to do with the lack of circulation space at the back of our church, which makes it difficult to maintain any distance between one another when coming in or out of the church building.


I will be in the church for the services at 9 & 10am as normal, so that prayer & worship are ongoing. The church will be open during the day as usual, so feel free to call in for a time of prayer – just remember to keep some distance from anyone else who might be there.


A resource has been produced for those who want to engage in worship at home, and is available on the diocesan website.


If anyone is in any way concerned about their health, you are encouraged to stay at home, and seek medical advice if you do feel unwell. As per an earlier communication, you can contact me if you need any essential supplies delivered to you, or if you would like to talk about anything.


I hope that you don’t think this an over-reaction, but I would rather err on the side of caution. There is no need to feel overly fearful or anxious, as the measures we now implement are designed to safeguard the well-being of the whole community. Anxiety can be overwhelming and cause strong emotions. To keep well, parishioners are encouraged to take care of the body by exercising regularly and eating well, and the soul by being prayerful and minding excessive exposure to media coverage of COVID-19.


If you find yourselves with time on hand, and would like to take this opportunity to explore your discipleship with Christ, I recommend the 24/7 Prayer Course, which explores the themes of the Lord’s Prayer. It is available at Christian Aid also have an excellent Lenten daily email resource, which is available at


Please pass this message on to anyone you know who doesn’t see emails regularly.


With all prayerful good wishes,