After the summer break, we would love to see the whole community that makes up Wicklow Parish, join together in worship for Back to Church Sunday, this Sunday at 10am. However, just so you know
Here, in Wicklow Parish, we practice the inclusive Gospel of Jesus Christ.
This means you may be mixing with: tax collectors, sinners, adulterers, hypocrites, straight people, gay people, people who are aren’t interested, thieves, people from Ireland, people not from Ireland, people from Wicklow, people not from Wicklow, bigots, conservatives, liberals, hippies, friends, strangers, the guy who stole your parking space in Tesco, professors, pioneers, entrepreneurs, educators, serious people, jokers, Christians, doubters, people with secrets, people who say too much … in fact, anyone like those who Jesus mixed with – i.e. anyone at all … even especially you!