The HSE Community Health Care East are holding a learning event in Wicklow Library on the 9th of November from 11.00 to 1.30pm to mark the second annual Adult Safeguarding Day 2022.


The event is open to anyone interested in hearing more about how we together as individuals, families, services and professionals can work together to prevent adult abuse and neglect. Focusing on the key themes of empowerment, advocacy, inclusivity in decision making and planning ahead, the event will also highlight the services available to safeguard adults at risk of abuse. 


A range of speakers from various organisations such as HSE, Gardaí, Sage and ANU domestic violence support services will present on the work they do to support adults at risk of abuse and speak on topics pertinent to safeguarding ourselves and others from abuse.

 Our event has now gone live on Eventbrite in two forms 1) In person event in Wicklow library, 60 tickets available 2) Online event using MS Teams.

If you are interested in attending book your tickets early.

 In person

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Register Here