In a letter which accompanied the St Patrick’s testimony, sent out earlier this year, I spoke of a vision that we as a parish would operate based on the principles outlined, focusing on:

– worship and prayer

– a lifestyle of learning, training and equipping others

– study of scripture

– establishing our community as a centre of hospitality

– an adventurous missionary endeavour

– an openness to the gifts of the Holy Spirit.

As we look forward, I am keen to establish a small group who would consider how we achieve these aims (if these are the aims we want to work towards). If you feel called to take a more active role in the life of the church, or if you feel the parish isn’t quite achieving our potential, please let me know.

I hope to hold a parish meeting in the autumn, where we might discuss our particular mission, our discipleship, and our support within and beyond the immediate parish community.

Jack ( / 0861727654).